What Others Are Saying About Renew Plant-Based Meal Delivery

Whether you are working from home or the office, Renew has your nutrition covered. Our meals will help you shed excess weight, increase energy, and improve skin clarity. Plus they make your life easier because they are delivered to your door weekly. When staying healthy becomes difficult, we want to make it as easy as possible for you. Read what some of our happy Renew customers are saying:


Victoria L., CA

"I am beyond thankful for Renew meals! It has been a game changer for me with staying on top of eating healthy, which is one of my biggest struggles! This whole year, I have been trying to balance a busy work schedule from home all while keeping up with my kid's homeschooling, so eating healthy has not been my top priority. I love the way the meals make me feel, my energy is better and I feel more focused now that I'm not eating junk. My pants are starting to feel less tight now too!! I seriously don't know how I survived before Renew. I do the 5 day a week plan with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I really love the snacks and the dessert too. I don't feel like I am ever missing out on any food. I encourage anyone who wants to make their life easier to try these meals! Thank you to Holly and my personal chefs for making me feel fab!"


Eileen A., CA

"I have been ordering from Renew, a weekly meal delivery service. It's all plant-based, tastes amazing, and saves so much time for with heat and eat meals delivered to my doorstep. If I had to narrow it down (which is difficult) some of my favorite items are the impossible tacos, sushi, pad that, brownies and chocolate bark! The meal are created by a nutritionist and portioned out based on your health goals. These are the perfect meals for when you are working from home and still wanting to eat healthy!"


Linda W., CA

“Perfectly portioned meal prep for Monday & Tuesday.  Thank you Renew by Holly Roser Fitness for these delicious, healthy meals.”


Megan C., CA

I've been using a weekly meal delivery service called Renew, and I have been loving it and wanted to share! If you are a busy individual like me and feel that you don't have a lot of time to prepare healthy food each day, you gotta try Renew. They make your life so much easier by preparing meals and delivering straight to your door. All you gotta do is heat and eat! This has helped me stay on track with staying fit with a hectic schedule. I highly recommend

Kat W., CA

“The tasty vegan goodness that I enjoyed last night! Thank you Holly Roser! You saved me in this smoke & heat! I'm ashamed to tell you what I would've eaten last night if it weren't for your special delivery angels do exist ”


Jennifer A., CA

Delicious vegan meals! Just started ordering meals from renew meal delivery service and I love it! Vegan and organic meals plus GMO free. I'm really busy and now my fridge is stocked, so easy! They have stuff like mac and cheese with cheese that's made out of almonds and it tastes just like cheese!! Whaaaat! Check it out to simplify your life and do something good for your body and the environment!


Julia C., CA

Wow! I didn’t know that I could eat so well and still lose weight! I thought I would give eating plant-based a try and I ended up LOVING it!! My meals are delivered each week so I don’t have to ever think about what I will eat which is a huge bonus for me because it stopped me from eating out all of the time. Each day I get a lunch, snack, dinner and dessert and I only have to think about breakfast for myself. I am even thinking about adding the breakfast option too just to take another thing off my plate. I am a lifer!! Thank you Holly!