Holly Roser

Holly Roser is a weight loss coach and a certified Sports Nutritionist in New York City and San Francisco.  She has 15 years of experience in fitness, including 10 weight loss certifications. 


Holly’s mission is to fight against the climbing obesity rates in America by encouraging people of all ages to start with small steps towards a healthy life.


Holly is regularly featured in the top websites and broadcasts across the country as a fitness personality. Her unique weight loss system and infectious spirit have captured the audiences of the Dr. Oz Show, CNN, Self Magazine, Shape Magazine, Men’s Fitness Magazine, Prevention Magazine, The Washington Post, NY1News, KTLA, Brides Magazine among others. She is proud to be a fitness writer for Livestrong.com, delivering the latest weight loss tips to busy female professionals.

H Method

 I believe in training your Mind Body and Soul. Changing your appearance starts with changing your attitude. The only limits that exist are in your mind. You can have the body you want and be empowered, energized and toned! When we allow ourselves to transform a negative mindset into optimistic thoughts our mental blocks break down and give way to a happier, healthier self. The best version of you has an empowered mind, a peaceful soul and a strong body. With the H Method you will become fierce by learning to live life without fear or limitation.





What motivates you? Destroy the blockades and habits that have confined you in the past by extinguishing them with a personalized goal action plan. Mental fierceness is vital as you reach an unmatched level of fitness. Your attitude HAS to parallel to your desire. I want you to VISUALIZE yourself inside your dream body. When you can visualize it in our mind, you can do it in real time. As your personal trainer, I will provide you with a personalized plan using your vision (photos of your dream body), and the best resources in fitness and nutrition in order to achieve your dream body! You have to know what you want, to get what you want. How bad do you want it?





My individual attention and customized plan to transform you from the inside-out consists of a detailed monthly plan to shred the extra pounds. Each session consists of functional training (no machines), and performing high intensity interval training, which allows you to burn the most calories in the shortest duration. With intense cardiovascular training, in combination with your training sessions, you will skyrocket to your leanest, happiest self. Nutrition, cardio, and training are key to shred!





Transformation is the change in composition or structure of something. In the last stage of the H Method we will work on changing your inner-structure by transforming your old ways of thinking, in order to release you from what has been holding you back from your dream body. Training will involve power moves such as sprints, plyometric drills and kettle bell swings that will increase stamina, speed and agility. The extra weight you have been carrying around all these years will be toned and you will be ready to take your confidence from training into your work place, relationships and sweat sessions!